Radiant Reiki and Aromatherapy by Tammy

Healing for the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Levels of Life

Mindfulness and Coaching Services


Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present moment without any judgement of self or others, and without bringing in past memories or worrying about the future.

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware in every possible moment while keeping a non-judgemental outlook, and at the same time, observing your own bodily and emotional responses.


As a certified Mindfulness Teacher I can offer you one - on - one Mindfulness coaching as well as group training in "Mindfully Me: A Healing Journey".  I actively promote the use of Mindfulness for Trauma survivors who experience depression, anxiety and PTSD - like symptoms and for anyone who is need of finding tools that will help them deal with stress and anxiety in their lives. 

My course is designed to be "trauma - sensitive" for those who are on their healing journeys from past traumas.  A non-judgemental and accepting learning environment is also provided so that all participants can feel comfortable.

Call me at 519-494-8545. Email me at [email protected] or message me on Messenger if you would like to discuss your options for learning Mindfulness. 

Tachiagima Reiki

Our ancestors, Tachiagima/Mikao Usui/Spirit Guides/Tribes/Helpers, and all that came before us who were attuned to these energy teachings are of a symphony & melody that is simply not a standard educational practice by any means, they are of Spiritual intelligence gifted by Channeled Spiritual  interventions as we simply are the CONDUITS, CHANNELS, VESSELS - and so I say keep an open mind and enjoy the Tachiagima teachings as they are a composition of many Wise Ones including Tachiagima - Grandfather to Grandfather Sun and Usui Sensei as well as other Sensei's from the many walks of life.

I have been Sensei Pamela's student and become a Sensei too, to share the gifts of Tachiagima Reiki with you, the student, so that you can use this universal Reiki energy and the beautiful and powerful symbols to help yourself and others on their healing journeys.

Let Us Together Awaken The Authentic Spiritual Healer Witih You

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki is a combination of Usui's Reiki Ryoho for Levels 1 &2, and Holy Fire III Reiki by William Rand which is considered "Western Reiki", for Advanced Reiki Training,

Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Levels 1 & 2 will cover the history of Reiki, attunements to Reiki for the original 3 Reiki symbols that were gifted to Usui Sensei, all the hand positions needed to give both self Reiki and Reiki to other people.

Usui Holy Fire III Advanced Reiki Training (ART) will attune you with 1 master symbol, teach you the morning Reiki meditation, crystal gridding for sending Reiki by distance for world peace and to others.

As of March 2020, Reiki Levels 1 & 2 and Advanced Reiki Training will be taught online only, via Zoom until further notice!

Aromatherapy by Tammy

Aromatherapy is the use of the oils that are distilled from plants to improve or maintain health and beauty. In the history of aromatherapy you will find that it originates with the use of the whole plant and that the distillation process came later. Aromatherapy can be traced back 5000 plus years.

As an aromatherapist Tammy has been trained to blend essential oils based on chemistry to create products that will therapeutically work for many ailments. However, Tammy's passion is in creating products that help ease anxiety, depression and mental health and general skincare products. Tammy blends products that are safe to use, externally only, and neither promotes or recommends the ingestion of essential oils due to the fact that they are highly concentrated oils and can cause harm up to and including death if ingested. 

 Tammy has spent over 450 hours studying the use of essential oils safely and had to complete two exams totalling 6 hours in order to become a certified aromatherapist with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists

Axiatonal Alignment

Human beings are made up of a dynamic energy system. The electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the physical body is often referred to as the Aura/Spiritual/Etheric bodies. The etheric body is made up of several layers: the emotional self, the mental self, and the spiritual self. Each of these aspects of self have their own body and within each of these bodies is an energetic matrix designed to allow the flow of energy from Divine Source/Creation. This flow of energy is what sustains us, animates us, and gifts us with life: it is as essential to us as food and water.

The energetic body and the physical body are reflections of each other when there are blockages in one it reflects and affects the other. Universal energy is designed to flow through our energetic self through channels that allow it to maintain the animations of all cells. These channels are called "Meridians or Axiatonal Lines". Axiatonal lines form a network which is akin to a grid which was put into place so that energy is able to flow freely to us to support and sustain life and development.

Axiatonal Alignment is a healing technique that reunites our physical bodies with Axiatonal lines for healing the physical and etheric bodies. Axiatonal Lines are part of a fifth dimensional circulatory system that combines colour and sound, drawing the basic energy for renewal functions of the human body. Axiatonal Alignment brings in and activates these new golden lines, allowing for the exchange of light and information and the reconnection of DNA strands.

Originally, the meridian lines (acupuncture lines) on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle planet earth and connect with a larger grid linked with the entire Universe and the original aspect of our Soul or Oversoul. Over time we have become disconnected from these lines. Axiatonal Alignment brings in new Axiatonal Lines, integrating unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and evolution.